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"You are alive..."

Twitter stuff - part 2 and also thanks for 300+ followers

approvesport whispered: I just realized that it was your amazing art that I've been ogling this whole Love Love week. Keep up the good work! :)


THANKS! It means a lot to me, dear!

Friendly reminder for people I have a nsfw art blog and you always can ask for it ;)

nightkinks whispered: SO I'm super slow and realized that you follow me and I definitely just sat here with my mouth wide open because I love the shit out of your art.

Thank you so much! I had the same reaction with this ask ;w; I’ve been feeling kind of depressed this days and this definitely made my day!

The girl who was supposed to fear the dark.




Need some help?

I call this piece: “The latest episode fucked me up and I dream with Levy coming back to save Gajeel’s ass”

Also this is my very first drawing I do completely with the wacom.

Anonymous whispered: 'tis no suggestion nor request...'tis a random shit. and im fab but...i like to imagine Jellal always sleeps on erza's chest "accidentally" and erza cant do anything cause she knows she loves it.





that sounds awkward…

Erza’s boob container is big enough to hold a person. Meredy has a lot to learn from her senpai~



Absolutely x3

HTTYD crossover? Yes. 

I just can’t stop drawing Levy. I miss her so much…. OTL

"Even if you beat me up now, my heart won’t break that easily!"

Twitter stuff~


We want to officially announce our smut-filled event, Gajevy Love Love Fest!

The name is indication that we’re looking for the intimate side of our ship, focusing entirely on the lovely, sweet and erotic interactions. To put it simply, a fest to celebrate the more mature side of the pairing.

So, what can you contribute to this event? We’re basically accepting either: fanfiction / fanart and headcanons. But if you have something else in mind, you can also do so. Like, Fanmixes or graphics are also pretty welcome.

As for everything, there’s a few pointers you need to keep in mind before joining us:

※ We want to see happy, lovely, consensual sex. Everything portrayed as non-con will be ignored, so please don’t.
Your works can be barely erotic in content, there’s no need to be reaaally explicit if it’s out of your comfort zone.
※ Please tag your works with #gajevylovefest so we can reblog your work asap.
※The following list of prompts is completely optional and just as our last Gajevy Week, you can come up with your own.

Our prompt list and dates are as follows:

✿ August 15th – August 21st ✿

  1. Afterglow
  2. Eyecandy
  3. Fingers
  4. Foreplay
  5. Dominant
  6. Kinky
  7. Clothed

✿ BONUS August 8th

  1. Oral Fixation / Striptease

For questions and other things, our askbox is open! :)

Yep, it’s officially your B-day, Grace. You are such a sweet and gentle and hella funny friend. You deserve the best of my wishes. ILU 

Everybody, go to wish a Happy Birthday to blanania !

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