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Gajevy feels are waiting for you.
I swear I'll color my drawings as soon as I have a tablet and learn how the hell using it.



The convention photographer finally put up his pics from CTcon :)

Wowee the notes!

Just a preview of the bunch of bananas I’ve been making for you blanania
Prepare yourself, Grace-sama

"Yer not supposed to lure the big bad wolf."

 “I’m not Little Red Riding Hood- I haven’t been since you came along.”

I couldn’t resist drawing this after read this fic by marvell-s 

Asker Anonymous Asks:
little red riding hood - amanda seyfried Gajevy
noirlilium noirlilium Said:


I’d like to hold you if I could
But you might think I’m a big bad wolf so I won’t

He’s still not sure how they wound up this way.

Although, there really was no ‘they’; she saw them one way and he another.

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I want to draw something related to this fic. Can I, marvell-s -sempai?
(Obviously I’ll credit you) (But if you say no, it’s okay)

Sip! Muchisimas gracias! ;D

I can’t take this anymore! It hurts so badly…

Just after he died.

I wanted to show up my sketchbook (aka my copybook for some university classes) and my beloved pigment liners.

Also a WIP of my Gajevy project. I’m spending every little minute I have to work on this.


We were so focus on the gajevy kiss that we didn’t notice something…. Where the hell are the Gajeel’s right arm scars? Well, Mashima already recognized he always forgets to draw those details, like rings or Gray’s scars. But who really cares this!! We have a kiss!!


Sometimes I ship RoguexLevy. Only to see Gajeel freaking out in jealousy, and then everything ends on Gajevy.

Asker noirlilium Asks:
So here is my personal request: Have you seen the special chapter where Team B punish Team A? I'd like to read your version of what happened with Levy after she run away because of the bunny costume.
noirlilium noirlilium Said:


Alright, I’ll give it my best shot! 

Gajevy > Embarrassed 

- (for noirlilium) Levy thought he was trying to embarrass her, little does she know that he actually had other methods…

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Yeeesss!!! Thank you dear. You write so damn good

Asker noirlilium Asks:
Assassins AU!! Where only Levy is a very famous assassin who uses her smallness like an advantage. I leave to your imagination what Gajeel is. Kisses :*
noirlilium noirlilium Said:




Assassins AU > Horrible Boss

- (for noirlilium) Gajeel’s boss scares Levy, and she worries for his safety, after all, the assassin business is never easy…

this came out a bit different from what you wanted but I think you’ll still like it! :)

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Oh I love it. T-thank you. And the end was… Ugh… What did you mean Gajeel! What does it mean!!!

oh great! I was worried you wouldn’t :D And you may never know…6u6

oh, you little bastard. One day you will write the part two. Trust me. *wink wink*